🧠 VORZ Solution

Inspired by Metaverse
The problem with traditional centralized startups is that it is observed by the regulation too much, disallowing them to innovate with crypto. The idea is to solve that problem with Vorz and make it the project of the people, in which the developers will maintain it while the community runs it. Building a Blockchain City called Ophir will be the next move of the VORZ ARMY.
This problem is going to be the strength of Vorz. There are lots of competitors out there, making the same design but the concept and purpose are different. In this movement, we adapt cryptocurrency and let the world know about it. Preparing for the Global Warming Glacier Doomsday that can flood most parts of any country to build our own Blockchain City in the Mountain along with the modern Ark of Noah! A Spaceship to the Moon and Mars!