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The Metaverse Built by the People
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Connecting Everyone In Vorz

To inspire the world with an idea is one of Vorz dream, connecting them in an all-in-one platform and developers hub to rebuild and reshape tomorrow's destined tale. In able for us to do that, it will take time and effort for it to transpire. The Vorz is an idea to make all connections between the physical and digital world, an in-hub united freedom for everyone in the Metaverse.

Mass Technology Adoption

Blockchain Technology
The Vorz will start here first by building the Semi-DApps and its own MainNet blockchain to govern the rest of its semi-decentralized application. Sooner in the web 4.0, we will call our Semi-DApps the A-Apps or Axentralized Applications.
Quantum Computing
One of the future aim is to build a quantum-resistant Semi-DApps Machine to counter the growing threat of Quantum computers, breaching the privacy of mankind. Vorz aims to build its own Blockchain that is quantum prone to any exploits and that should be the future of the project.
Artificial Intelligence
The age of A.I is today! As we expand and tap further in the realm of A.I for it to help us beat another kind of error 404 scenario in the future. By adapting the A.I and integrating it to the Semi-DAO, it will help us build a better Metaverse for this future. It is a must and so here it is the A.I dominance of Vorz!
Cryptocurrency is the source of energy for such Semi-DAO as it will be useful for upgrading the system of today. For us to build and innovate, we need to utilize the power of cryptocurrency. Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto that freed us from that older system.