💻 Vorz Blockchain

Welcome To The Metaverse!
A Semi-Decentralized (SDAO) Project
The project was booted to fulfill the legacy of the Metaverse soon. The Vorz is a Semi-Decentralized Autonomous Organisation founded by the people for the people. Our vision is to build a new kind of Metaverse, built in the Blockchain categories of DApps, DeFi, NFTs, etc..
The project is keen to build its Layer 3 Chain in around 2022-2023 forked from the complete Casper 2.0 of Ethereum Upgrade. The goal is to build a quantum-resistant Blockchain with quantum computing in web 4.0.

Social Network NFT

The current mission is to build the Metaverse with NFTs and Social Media Platform starting with Vorz App, a short video sharing platform with its gallery and NFT marketplace powered by the VORZ Governance in-app & Utility Token. Soon it will also build it's own adventurous world in the metaverse for the crypto and eager people, adapting blockchain and quantum computing at speed phase.