👥 Teams & Affiliation

Meet The Vorz Star!
The Team is composed of real people and devs helping, the project to build the project of the people. Pushing a decentralized yet centralized concept of doing things in Semi-DAO startups.
Community People of combined crypto experienced Devs, Admins/Mods, Managers, and Advisors supporting the idea of Vorz. All devs here are equal on footing but depending on their contribution for the project. All are co-founders!
Community Metavorgz Devs
Adrianne Apilis - IT Dev (Ifugao Operation Chief)
Paul Candelario - Messiahi (Founder Dev)
Gil Orense - CEO (Co-Founder)
Norlito Sepulvida - Crypto Dev (Vice-Chairman)
Alex Razon - Master Handshaker (Board Director)
PJ Jarabe - Project Manager (Co-Founder)
Mary Ignacio - Blokchain Dev (Board Director)
Partner Devs
Bitcoin Jesus - CryptoMesyah (Shiller Dev)
Paul Biteng - Whitehat Hacker (Lead Dev) Not COMELEC
Emoshi Bakonato - Arab Peninsula (Program Dev)
Batoshi Nakamura - Volunteer (Dev)
Community Advisory
Mark Vernon - Tagcash Founder (Status: Asking Pending)
Niño Gunda - Blockchain Technology (Cryptopartisan Movement)
Satoshi "Bitcoin" Nakamoto - President (Green Alien)
Cryptopartisan - Movement (Global Decentralised Crypto Party List)
Paul Yan - Ala Eh (Superman)
Andreas Lutz - Finland Founder NTWK 2017 (Blocktech University)