The F2E is the new NFT based idea of social network for users to earn while having fun.


An idea about Vorz having the artist to mint their videos and sound music for sale is the NFT dream of Vorz. Building its own marketplace for short video artists and others might work here.
In the long run, VORZ token will be the most spent along with VORZ for the united hub ecosystem of Vorz App. I believed that with the million users soon with its own circulating app token it can provide and support the most talented and skilled content creators out there.
Users can earn VORZ Token which can be paid out for them to earn in a fun way.
With the real value of VORZ token it will be the best place for every fun adventurers to earn while doing what they love to do, to dance, showcase talent, and more.
People can earn by gifting, referral, and earning Vorz Diamonds and VORZ Multichain token. Soon it will be fully blockchain like Axie and SLP for every user level up and breeding more vorz metaverse stars
The minting of trending and most viewed short videos, original creator songs, and art gallery into an NFT on its own Marketplace will be the big disrupting moonery vision here.
More updates to come.
Last modified 10mo ago