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The Project started in September 2021 to build and disrupt the crypto industry with the help of blockchain solution integration. Available in Playstore and Appstore!
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Vorz - Short Video and Streaming Plus Crypto

The idea of short video and streaming meets crypto NFT!
Getting into the social network is easy but implementing crypto to work with it will be the challenge here. Vorz is one of the ideas that was born for this moment of social fun and earning the crypto way. An idea about letting the people earn while doing what they do best is the very core essence of Vorz. People will enjoy having our crypto be involved in the social network industry and Vorz is here to fulfill that dream.
We know that most of the giants can't accept crypto as payment or can't implement crypto yet, so why not build that change for the rest will be history.
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What is Vorz?
A metaverse fun and entertainment app for the people by the people. People can join create short videos and stream. User-based experience organic growth that focuses on the development rather than temporarily hype. Crypto should be added to the social networks of people!
Since VC did not work in the traditional startup, it was converted to a semi-decentralized startups to push the idea of the social crypto network in the crypto world vision of the Vorz.
Tokenized and passed into the people for the management of the project as a Semi-DAO maintained by the Developers along with the community-driven believers.
Adding the spice of crypto into it might really help the talent to earn while having fun with what they do best.
Short video and streaming should upgrade with the advancement of social networks too. The reason Vorz was idealized is that at that very moment we see how crypto works in the decentralized area.
The Project will also be compliant with the rules of the centralized world but will and still be a community-driven project that lets anyone be involved.
It valued the people more than the profit and the blockchain mass adoption more than the most ego of taking more. The idea of Vorz is for the people to build it with the people for social fun and entertainment.
As we move forward to the new era of innovation and technology, an observation has been made during this pandemic. A lot of talents emerge but are not even compensated and given support for the content they perform.
Therefore, as an initiative and massive campaign to support genuine talents and provide a better platform as a curator, it could be fairly enough to give a token of rewards and coins to everyone who will be part of this project!
Vorz community has the vision to support organic talents in digital platforms in one pack of organic community-driven movements.

Metaverse Entertainment

Vorz utilize the power of crypto and blockchain to push the idea of Entertainment and Earning the crypto way. VORZ is the main governance token of the project while Vorz Diamonds and Coins can be used to purchase an in-app gift and can be traded on the Vorz Dex soon.
People can trade Vorz Coins & Diamonds with the main VORZ governance utility token to be used in purchasing Vorz in-app NFT items and giftings that can be traded vice versa to its marketplace with its unique tokenomics and gas-free tax fees.
The app will be available to all Android and iOS users in the phase of its final stage of development. Vorz has a real-world use case that empowers content creators around the world with the power of blockchain and social networks!


Short video and streaming platform Gamified meets NFT! The first short video and streaming platform that tapped on the power of Blockchain to push the idea of Crypto Entertainment with Short Videos, Art Gallery, Poetry, NFT Marketplace, and Streaming creativity.
Metaverse stars can earn Crypto with the VORZ token. A Tokenized Short Video and Streaming platform idea that can push the metaverse of crypto mass adoption while helping the content creators earn abundantly.
Utility and Use-case
Gifting and Trading limited Vorz stickers and collectibles NFT directly to its NFT dedicated marketplace.
VORZ token
Vorz Decentralized Exchanges allowed the Vorz token to be tradable at any Automated Market Makers (AMM) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).
The app rewards the content creators with 80 while 20 for vorz and its charity program.
Some in the team had been in the short video and streaming platforms industry for a long time but realized something was off. The beloved cryptocurrency was not well accepted at all on their virtual currency processor. So here it is, the dream of the century!
The project is something metaverse and Semi-DAO Powered for the people by the people. The project will be looking forward to the next move depending on the magnitude of its progress. Some verified influencers are already on board in project Vorz as ambassadors.
Vorz Won't Sell Your data!
The people should be free but free of the old-world marketing trick of selling someone's data. That was cut off here to save the personal and private identity of the users. Have faith!
The Dev Team
The team is composed of Crypto professional people who is into crypto for years and years studying the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and finance. Keep up the support!
Community App Ambassadors
Meet the Vorz Ambassadors!
Kuya Ching
Wennie Brion
Vincent Amor
Ariel Gumboc
Trixia Heyres
Chris Gardose
Rhev Montarin
Honey Elorde
Total of 8M+ fans in social medias!